Minutes of the February 2013 Supervisors' Meeting

Regular Meeting Minutes
February 4, 2013

The Silver Lake Township Supervisors held their regular monthly meeting on Monday, February 4, 2013 at the Silver Lake Township building.  Francis Fruehan called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm and everyone saluted the Flag.

The minutes from the Organizational meeting and Regular meeting were read and approved on a motion made by Francis Fruehan and seconded by Sandy Brink, approved.  The Treasurer Report was read, approved and held for audit on a motion made by Francis Fruehan and seconded by Sandy Brink, approved.

Correspondence:  Francis Fruehan read an Act 14 Notice received from Rettew on behalf of WPX Energy regarding a proposed gathering line.  This is will include 2 pipelines – one for natural gas and one to carry water for Wheeler Pad, McGeorge Pad and Turner Pad.

Public Comment:  Vera Scroggins asked if the water line would follow the natural gas pipeline.  Mr. Fruehan said maps could be reviewed.  Jen Gregory asked if it was better to have the water lines than to have the water trucks on the roads.  Tom Jurista asked if a water source was mentioned in the paperwork.  Vera Scroggins asked if the SCRB informed the township of any decision they make regarding water withdrawal.  Francis Fruehan said he was not aware of the township being informed.  It was asked if the Fire Company has received any special training with the all the gas activity in the area.  Mr. Fruehan recommended the  Fire Chief or Fire Company President be contacted for that information.  Vera Scroggins asked if there was any update on the water contamination in the Laurel Lake area and if there was a contact at DEP.  Mr. Fruehan explained Evan Everitt is usually the one the DEP contacts.    Tom Jurista asked if any contact was made with Bridgewater Township regarding the Geothermal heating system.  Evan Everitt has not had a chance to get in touch with any of the Supervisors at Bridgewater Township.

Francis Fruehan spoke regarding the Flood Plain Ordinance that will need to be updated.  New maps have been received and the updated ordinance will need to be adopted by April 2, 2013.  Mr. Fruehan has been working with Lisa Korn who is assisting municipalities through PSATS and DCED to develop the Flood Plain Ordinance. She has emailed suggested provisions to meet the minimum requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program and the Pennsylvania Flood Plain Management Act.   Once the ordinance is developed, a draft will be posted on the website.  This will be worked on during the monthly work sessions.  The ordinance will be advertised for seven days before it is adopted.  If it is not ready for the March meeting, it will be adopted at a Special Meeting.

Chief Tim Burgh was not able to attend the meeting.  Francis Fruehan read the police report with 24 incidents for the month of January.

Evan Everitt was not able to attend the meeting.  When the road crew is not dealing with snow or vehicle maintenance, they are chipping brush on the township roads.

Assessment Permits – None for the month of January.

Driveway Permits – None applied for or issued in the January.

Francis Fruehan made a motion to pay the bills as submitted, Sandy Brink seconded, approved.

As there was no further business presented, Francis Fruehan made a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Sandra Brink

Supervisors Present:
Francis Fruehan
Sandy Brink

posted 03/10/13