Minutes of the April 2013 Supervisors' Meeting

Regular Meeting Minutes
April 1, 2013

The Silver Lake Township Supervisors held their regular monthly meeting on Monday, April 1, 2013 at the Silver Lake Township building.  Francis Fruehan called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm opened with a salute to the  Flag.

The minutes from the March regular meeting as well as the March 27 special Floodplain adoption meeting were read and approved on a motion made by Francis Fruehan and seconded by Evan Everitt, all approved.  The Treasurer Report was read, approved and held for audit on a motion made by Francis Fruehan and seconded by Evan Everitt, all approved.

Correspondence:  Act 14 Notice received from Aqua-Terra Environmental on behalf of Buckeye Pipeline for repair of exposed pipe.

Public Comment:  Denise Rossi asked about a letter that was sent to the township from the Community Park Committee requesting a donation from the Act 13 funds.  Francis Fruehan explained that he is currently work with the State Association of Township Supervisors to work out the proper procedures that need to be followed when using funds received from Act 13.  It appears that two resolutions will need to be completed – one to make a budget change and another for budget appropriations.  Mr. Fruehan explained that he is working with the township solicitor as well as the state association.  John Demaree spoke and said he did not feel a community park had an impact on the township due to gas activity in the area.  It was pointed out the funds can be used to reduce property taxes.  Angel Kublo felt that a lot of money would be going into the request for such a small donation.  Another comment was that the community park does impact the quality of life in the township.  The park would be available for all residents to use, not just small children.

Francis Fruehan said $30,000 of Act 13 funds were put into public safety.  This went toward capital purchase with refinancing the police cars.  A resident expressed concern that the police car debt seemed like a lot for only 13 incidents for the February.  Peg Miller said 13 incidents is 13 too many; anything given to the police department is money well spent.  Denise Rossi thanked Sergeant Mike Hornak for speaking to the children at the preschool.

Francis Fruehan read Resolution 2013-105 – Assessment Permit Officer, Construction Permit Administrator and Building Code Official.  This resolution described the various positions and will add Flood Plain Administrator which is referenced in the Flood Plain Ordinance No. 49.    The Assessment Permit Officer and Building Code Official were appointed in January.  Mr. Fruehan s  Francis Fruehan made a motion to appoint Code Inspections Inc. as UCC Administer/Floodplain Admnistrator, Evan Everitt seconded, all approved.

Peoples Neighborhood Bank has agreed to reduce the interest rate on the mortgage for five years without going through a refinancing.  The rate will be 3.75%.  Francis Fruehan made a motion to sign the documents received from the bank, Evan Everitt seconded, all approved.

Francis Fruehan read a letter of resignation from Seargent Mike Hornak.  Francis Fruehan made a motion to accept the resignation, Evan Everitt seconded, all voted in favor.

Francis Fruehan read the police report with 24 incidents for the month of March.

Evan Everitt gave the road report.  Nine driveway permits – Donovan Road for Miller and Strope, Sweeney Road for Strope, Tripp Lake Road with two for Cameron, one for Overfield and one for Hall; on Mahoney-two for McGeorge; Road crossing on Donovan, Tripp and Mahoney.  Still looking at new roller purchase.  The current roller is starting to have a lot off maintenance issues. 

Assessment Permits – None for the month of March

Francis Fruehan made a motion to pay the bills as submitted, Evan Everitt seconded, all approved.

As there was no further business presented, Francis Fruehan made a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Sandra Brink

Supervisors Present:
Evan Everitt
Francis Fruehan
Sandy Brink

posted 05/12/2013