Minutes of the August 2013 Supervisors' Meeting

Regular Meeting Minutes
August 5, 2013

The Silver Lake Township Supervisors held their regular monthly meeting on Monday, August 5, 2013 at the Silver Lake Township building.  Evan Everitt called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm opened with a salute to the  Flag.

The minutes from the July regular meeting were read and approved on a motion made by Evan Everitt and seconded by Sandy Brink.  The Treasurer Report was read, approved with correction regarding check amount read in Equipment Fund and held for audit on a motion made by Evan Everitt and seconded by Sandy Brink.

Correspondence:  Act 14 Notice received from RETTEW Engineers on behalf of SW Gathering LLC for pipeline construction which is called the Quaker Lake Gathering System in the Quaker Lake portion of the township.

Public Comment:  Vera Scroggins asked if the Act 14 Notification included the size pipe that would be used.  Evan Everitt did not have the paperwork with him but thought it would be 12”.  Tom Jurista asked about a check to Bartron Supply in the amount of $10,000.  Evan Everitt explained it was part of the purchase of the new tractor.  Vera Scroggins asked if there was any update on the repair of the Laurel Lake Road.  Evan Everitt said the state is in the process of getting the necessary permits and talking to land owners who property will be affected.  The state hopes to have the repair done before winter.  Denise Rossi expressed concerns with busing once school starts.  Evan Everitt explained that school will be rerouting buses while the repair is being completed. Mrs. Rossi also expressed concerns with fire and medical emergencies while the road is closed.  Tom Jurista asked about road work done on Donovan Road.  Evan Everitt explained this was work completed by WPX Energy.  Old pavement was taken off, hardpan removed, new road base put in and then it was repaved.  Mr. Everitt said he is very satisfied with the road work done by the gas companies. 

Denise Rossi thanked the township for their support regarding the Community Park and presented the township with a Certificate of Appreciation. 

Jay Klein, Fire Chief, said he wanted to correct some statements made at the July meeting.  The fire company is currently in good financial conditional but could face a deficit in three to five years.  He said 1/3 of their income comes from taxpayers.  There is a fire truck that will need to be replaced in the future.  Mr. Klein said without the fire company residents’ homeowners insurance would increase.  While now it may look like the fire company has a lot of money, to replace equipment is very costly.  George Buffum said he is concerned with requests being made for funds from the Act 13 money received.  Mr. Buffum felt any request made should explained why the money is needed and supported by the community.  Mr. Buffum said that after 24 years he is no longer a member of the fire company.  Angel Kublo raised concern with the increased amount of workers’ compensation insurance the township is required to provide to the Fire Company.  Mrs. Kublo asked why Montrose ambulance is toned out along with Silver Lake.  Jay Klein explained it is handled out of a Pittston location.  They can cancel Montrose ambulance when the get to the scene.  George Buffum said Silver Lake does not have trained paramedics.  If a paramedic from Montrose rides in the Silver Lake Ambulance, Silver Lake is responsible for Montrose charges.

It was asked if the Fire Company had a gas lease.  Jay Klien said they are part of the McNamara well.  They hope to receive royalties in 2 to 3 years.  They have 60 acres in various locations.

Evan Everitt read the police report with 32 incidents, including  9  traffic stops for the month of July.

Evan Everitt gave the results for the Farmall Tractor on Auctions International.  The highest bid was $2,900.  The repair part was $300 plus labor.  Evan Everitt made a motion to accept the $2,900 bid, Sandy Brink seconded.

Evan Everitt gave the road report.  First load of anti-skid has been delivered.  Looking to rent a screener to screen millings to mix with the anti-skid material.  John Demaree asked about getting millings from the state.  Evan Everitt explained if the state is doing the work, they keep the millings to use on state roads, but if a contractor is milling then the township can have them.

Fireworks permit – None.   Assessment Permits – Nick Holofchak for a barn on Britton Road and Steve English for accessory building on SR 167.  Driveway permits – Sandy Majors on Barney Road.  No road-crossing permits. 

Evan Everitt made a motion to pay the bills as submitted, Sandy Brink seconded, all approved.

As there was no further business presented, Evan Everitt made a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Sandra Brink

Supervisors Present:
Evan Everitt
Sandy Brink

posted 09/08/13