Minutes of the October 2013 Supervisors' Meeting

Regular Meeting Minutes
October 7, 2013

The Silver Lake Township Supervisors held their regular monthly meeting on Monday, October 7,  2013 at the Silver Lake Township building.  Francis Fruehan called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm opened with a salute to the Flag.

The minutes from the September regular meeting were read and approved on a motion made by Evan Everitt and seconded by Francis Fruehan, all approved.  The Treasurer Report was read, approved and held for audit on a motion made by Evan Everitt and seconded by Francis Fruehan.

Correspondence:  No Act 14 Notices received.  Craig Stevens pointed out articles in various newspapers regarding lawsuits against the gas industry in relation to royalty payments not being paid at the correct percentage.  He said that anyone that has a gas lease should make sure they are receiving the correct percentage.  John Demaree asked if any decision had been made regarding the Act 13 funds received.  He suggested upgrading the roads and pointed out the importance of drainage. He felt the roads were in rough shape.   Francis Fruehan said Act 13 funds would be discussed during the upcoming budget process.  Some considerations are dust control, helping the fire company and possible tax reduction.

New Business:  Francis Fruehan said that work sessions for the 2014 budget will be held on Monday, October 21 and Monday, October 28.  Mr. Fruehan made a motion to advertise the work sessions, Evan Everitt seconded, all approved.  It will be decided at the November meeting if additional work sessions will be held.

Evan Everitt spoke regarding a truck and spreader that he would like to sell on Auctions International.  Truck is a 1985 Chevy one-ton pickup with 41,500 miles and the spreader is a Flink cinder hopper spreader.   Francis Fruehan made a motion to advertise the equipment, Evan Everitt seconded, all approved. 

Driveway Permits – None.  Road Crossing Permits – None. 
 Assessment Permits – Donald Hohn for a garage on Hawleyton Road.

Francis Fruehan read the police report with 22 incidents for the month of September. 

Evan Everitt gave the road report.  Dirt and Gravel Road Project for Woodland Road is almost complete.  Ditch and potholes will be repaired next.  Then get the equipment ready for winter.

Evan Everitt made a motion to pay the bills as submitted, Francis Fruehan seconded, all approved.

As there was no further business presented, Francis Fruehan  made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Evan Everitt seconded all approved.

Sandra Brink

Supervisors Present:
Evan Everitt
Francis Fruehan
Sandy Brink

posted 11/10/2013