Minutes of the February 2014 Supervisors' Meeting

The Silver Lake Township Supervisors held their regular monthly meeting on Monday, Februay 3, 2014 at the Silver Lake Township building.  Francis Fruehan called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm and opened with a salute to the Flag.

The minutes from the Organizational and Regular meeting were read and approved on a motion made by Evan Everitt and seconded by Butch Delousia seconded, all approved.  The minutes from the Special Meeting held January 27, 2014 for the purpose of making an appointment to the Municipal Authority were read and approved on a motion made by  Evan Everitt and seconded by Francis Fruehan, all approved.  The Treasurer Report was read, approved and held for audit on a motion made by Evan Everitt and seconded by Butch Delousia.

Correspondence:  No Act 14 Notices received for new well pads, driveways or pipelines. 

Public Comment:  John Demaree asked why the appointment to the Municipal Board was not from the Quaker Lake area after he had suggested two people.  He said there is no one from Quaker Lake on the Board.  Francis Fruehan said the individuals were taken into consideration.  Mr. Fruehan said he voted for the individual who he felt should be on the Municipal Board.  Tom Jurista asked if there was any information on a mailbox that was blown up.  He said the landowner has a gas lease.  Vera Scroggins asked which well pad it was.  Mr. Jurista did not want to give the information.  John Demaree asked about the wages that were set by the Auditors.  Francis Fruehan said Roadmaster was set at $17.00/hr and any working Supervisors working as an employee of the township, such as laborer, was set at $15.00/hr.   Vera Scroggins asked about Supervisor pay.  Francis Fruehan said the Supervisors receive $375 each quarter for meeting pay.  This amount is set by ordinance and limited by the state.

New Business:  Francis Fruehan  received a letter of resignation from Bryan Young who was on a Planning Board.  Mr. Young has left the area.  Francis Fruehan made a motion to accept the letter of resignation, Evan Everitt seconded, all approved.  Vera Scroggins asked if there was any payment for being on the Planning Board.  Francis Fruehan said they receive $25 for each meeting they attend. 

Evan Everitt said there are a couple of small items he would like to advertise on Auctions International.  A winch, light bar and Stihl hand held pole saw.  Evan Everitt made a motion to advertise the items, Butch Delousia seconded, all approved. 

Francis Fruehan read the police report with 17 incidents for the month of January.  Vera Scroggins asked for the number of burglaries.   Francis Fruehan said the details would be in the newspaper. 

 Evan Everitt gave the road report.   Just keeping up with the winter maintenance.  Anti-skid is being purchased as needed.   Evan Everitt said he is looking to purchase new tires for the grader.  Under state contract the tires are $890 each.  Tom Jurista asked if the price included installation.  Evan Everitt explained the roadcrew would be able to do the installation. 

Driveway Permits – None.  Road Crossing Permits – None.   Assessment Permits – None.  As there was no further business presented, Francis Fruehan made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Evan Everitt seconded, all approved.

Sandra Brink

Supervisors Present:
Evan Everitt
Francis Fruehan
Richard Delousia

posted 03/07/14