Minutes of the June 2014 Supervisors' Meeting

Regular Meeting Minutes
June 2, 2014

The Silver Lake Township Supervisors held their regular monthly meeting on Monday, June 2, 2014 at the Silver Lake Township building.  Francis Fruehan called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm and opened with a salute to the Flag.

The minutes from the May meeting were read and approved on a motion made by Evan Everitt and seconded by Butch DeLousia, all approved.  The Treasurer Report was read, approved and held for audit on a motion made by Evan Everitt and seconded by Francis Fuehan, all approved.

Correspondence:  No Act 14 Notices received for new well pads, driveways or pipelines. 

Public Comment:  A resident asked if the Silver Lake Police Department works in Forest Lake Township.  Francis Fruehan explained there is no longer a contract with Forest Lake Township.  If there is an emergency and Silver Lake Police Department may be called upon to assist another agency.  Otherwise, Forest Lake Township has a contract with Montrose Borough.  Hugh Holland asked about a Right to Know Request submitted by Vera Scroggins and why the documents she requested may not be available.  Hugh Holland asked if the Police Chief provided the Supervisors  the reports on a timely basis and what the problem was.  He also requested a more thorough police report for the monthly meetings.  Mr. Holland asked if the township had By-Laws, Francis Fruehan explained the township follows the Seconded Class Township Codes.  John Demaree asked about the schedule for state road repairs.  Evan Everitt said he did not have PennDot’s  schedule. Evan Everitt said he would call PennDOT and ask about road repairs in the area; it would be another voice.   John Demaree wanted to know what the plan was for the repair of Barney Road.  It was asked if the Supervisors were aware of rumors about eliminating the police department.  The supervisors were not aware of the rumors.

Francis Fruehan talked about a restrictive covenant for a property located at Quaker Lake.  The property owners currently have a small cottage not suitable for year round living.  They would like to build a house on the same lot so they can live there all year.  The current cottage would be used as an accessory use building.   Since two residences on a single lot is considered a land development, instead of applying to the Planning Commission for a land development, the solicitor has drafted a restrictive covenant between the owners and the township stating that the original cottage woild not be used as a residence.  The landowners have reviewed it and are ok with it.  It was explained there is currently public sewer located at the property.  They will be required to pay additional sewer fee for the accessory use building as other property owners.  Mrs. Kublo asked what guarantee there would be they would not rent the accessory building out.  John Demaree asked about having two places on one piece of property.  Francis Fruehan explained it can be done but must go through the Silver Lake Township Planning Commission and meet the lot standards.  Francis Fruehan asked for any additional comments.  Francis Fruehan made a motion to enter into the agreement.  The landowners must sign in front of a Notary.  Property owners will pay for all filing costs.  Evan Everitt seconded, all approved.

Evan Everitt  explained the 2007 Ford Explorer has engine problems and he would like to advertise it on Auctions International. All police equipment will be removed from the vehicle.   He would also like to advertise the 1984 American General 5-ton Dump Truck.  Francis Fruehan open the floor for comment.  The other Tahoe is in use.  Evan Everitt made a motion to advertise the two vehicles, Butch Delousia seconded, all approved.

Francis Fruehan said a letter of resignation has been received from part-time police officer Justin Sprout.  He has accepted a detective position with the county.  Francis Fruehan made a motion to accept the letter of resignation and Evan Everitt seconded, all approved.

Francis Fruehan said an executive session was held on 6/1/14 from 1:00 – 1:30 pm and 6/2/14 from 6:35 to 6:40 pm to discuss personnel and the qualification of a candidate for the position of a part-time police officer.  He is a graduate of Montrose and the Lackawanna College Police Academy.  He currently works as a full-time Sheriff’s deputy and a part-time officer with Montrose Borough.  Francis Fruehan opened the floor for comment.  Hugh Holland pointed out there is one full-time officer, 2 part-time officer, 1 part-time officer has resigned, 1 new part-time officer has been hired and with hiring Josh Hail we are at 1 full-time and 2 part-time officers.  Francis Fruehan made a motion to hire Josh Hail as a part time police officer at an hourly rate of $13.75, contingent on him providing the necessary certifications and Municipal Police Officer’s Education and Training Commission approval Evan Everitt seconded, all approved.   Francis Fruehan said he hopes Josh Hale will have his paperwork in within a week and could begin training.

Francis Fruehan read the police report with 19 incidents for the month of May with no burgularies.  John Demaree said at the last meeting there was concern with Silver Lake Police Department assisting other agencies.  He said he talked to the police chief and was told Silver Lake receives a lot more assistance from other agencies that what Silver Lake Police Department provides them. 

Evan Everitt gave the road report.  About 1/3 of the township roads have been graded.  A Dirt/Gravel Road application has been submitted.  Roadcrew is also working on ditch maintenance.

Driveway Permits – None.  Road Crossing Permits – None.   Assessment Permits – None.  As there was no further business presented, Francis Fruehan made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Evan Everitt seconded, all approved.

Sandra Brink

Supervisors Present:
Evan Everitt
Francis Fruehan
Richard  DeLousia

posted 07/12/14