Minutes of the November 2015 Supervisors' Meeting


November 2, 2015

Francis Fruehan called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm and called for a salute to the Flag.

Minutes from the October meeting were read and approved on a motion made by Evan Everitt and seconded by Butch Delousia, all approved.

The Treasurer’s report was read, approved and held for audit on a motion made by Evan Everitt and seconded by Butch Delousia, all approved..

Francis Fruehan said he  at the COG offices last week and was given several rolls of drawings and a box of files from when COG was providing UCC inspections from approximately 2004 through 2009.  As there was not transmittal letter he asked that it be noted in the meeting minutes.

George Buffum suggested having an open house so residents could see how the road crew is saving the township money with doing their own equipment maintenance and repairs.

Old Business  - At the June Meeting, there was discussion regarding changing the township’s bank from PLIGIT to NBT.  The solicitor, one of township auditors and the Supervisors have reviewed the paperwork, provided input & we should now be able to make a decision.  Francis Fruehan asked if anyone had questions.  John Demaree asked if the accounts at NBT would earn interest.  Sandy Brink explained there would be no interest but there would be no monthly charges like PLGIT.  Butch Delousia made a motion to change the bank and depository from PLGIT to NBT, Evan Everitt seconded, all approved.

New Business - At the last budget work sessions, a lot of time was spent working on the Building loan payoff, transferring Building Fund millage back to the Equipment Fund and getting a Equipment trade in schedule back on track.  The objective is to restore the Equipment millage back to the 2013 rate & phase future equipment trade ins in a manner that the equipment can be paid for with available funds out of the Equipment Fund as opposed to borrowing.  

Francis Fruehan explained that in 2013 the Building Fund tax rate was 0.40 mills and the Equipment fund was 1.30 mills, a total of 1.70 mills.  Since equipment debt had been recently paid off and the Supervisors felt equipment purchases could be postponed and could make do with the current equipment.  Beginning in the 2014 Budget, 1.2 mills was taken from the Equipment Fund and given to the Building Fund to more quickly pay off the loan on the building.  This yielded a Building Fund rate of 1.60 mills and an Equipment Fund rate of 0.10 mills.  At the end of this year the estimated remaining Building Loan payoff will be approximately $29,000.  The calculated Building Fund real estate tax millage requirement to payoff this amount in 2016, based on a calculated revenue of $43,000 per mill, equals (1 mill) x ($29,000/$43,000) = 0.647 mill.  Therefore we discussed a Building Fund tax rate of 0.7 mill and a Equipment Fund rate of 1.0 mill for 2016.  In 2017, the Building Fund tax rate can be reduced back to 0.40 mills and the Equipment Fund tax rate increased back to 1.30 mills. Francis Fruehan asked if there were any questions.
Francis Fruehan asked for a motion to proceed with the plan.  Butch Delousia made a motion to proceed with the millage transfer, Evan Everitt seconded, all approved.

Francis Fruehan explained the approximate total dollar amount that will have been diverted from the equipment fund from 2014, 2015 & 2016 will be 1.20 + 1.20 + 0.30 = 2.7 mills, multiplied by $43,000/mill equals approximately $116,000.

At the last few work sessions it was discussed trading in the townships existing tractor and boom mower for new one.  Evan Everitt explained there are problems with the mower.  The new one is bigger and will be able to be used more.  The new tractor is a 105 hp John Deere and can be purchased through the Costars Program at Stevenson Equipment so it does not have to be bid.  There are only a few of these tractors left.  The newer models have more expensive and complex emission systems.

The total cost of the new tractor & boom mower is  $132,000

The proposed funding is as follows: Evan Everitt would like to put the tractor and mower on Auctions International to see what kind of offers come in.  The dealership has given an offer of $20,000 for trade-in.  If the tractor brings more than that on Auctions International, then that would help to reduce the cost of the new one.                                                
                       Trade-In (a minimum amount) $20,000 
                      2015 State Fund Contribution:  $30,000
                       2016 State Fund Contribution:  $25,000
    Total Funding from trade in & state funds:  $75,000

Amount lacking = $132,000 - $75,000 = $57,500
Amount to come from 2015 Act 13 money will be $55,000
If there is a shortfall, the remaining $2,500 would come from the Equipment Fund.

Based on the discussed plan of action, with the understanding that one of the remaining tractors will still be available, Frances Fruehan made a motion to purchase the new tractor and boom mower and authorize Evan Everitt to finalize and sign the contract.  If one of the tractors is no longer available, then we will go back to the drawing board, Butch Delousia seconded, all approved.

To try to achieve a better price for the current John Deer tractor and boom mower, Francis Fruehan asked for a motion to  put these items out to bid on Auctions International, Butch Delousia seconded, all approved.

Francis Fruehan read the latest drafts for the 2015 Budget Resolutions which must be adopted next meeting prior to presenting the budget.  This incorporates the plans of action that were just voted on.

The proposed 2016 Budget is nearly prepared.  We will need to advertise that the 2016 Budget will be presented at our next Regular Monthly Meeting at 7:00 pm on Monday December 7, 2015 and the proposed budget will be available for inspection by appointment at the township building.  The Budget Adoption meeting will be at 5:00 pm on Wednesday December 30, 2015.  The ad will run in the Susquehanna County Independent. Francis Fruehan asked if anyone had questions.  Butch Delousia made a motion to advertise for the budget presentation meeting and the special budget adoption meeting, Evan Everitt seconded, all approved.

After the 2016 Budget is presented, an advertisement will have to run again for public inspection and the Budget Adoption meeting.  Francis Fruehan made a motion that we advertise again for public inspection and for the Budget Adoption Meeting as well as the Organizational meeting to be held on January 4, 2016 at 7:00 pm (this date is set by state law) followed by the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Supervisors.  This will run in the December 9 issue of the Independent. Evan Everitt seconed, all approved.

Francis Fruehan read the police report.  There were 25 incident for month of October.

Evan Everitt gave the road report.  He is working on the paperwork from the Quinn Road Dirt/Gravel Road Project so reimbursed can be received.  He explained he did not spend the full amount and it must go back to the County.  It was asked if the remainder could be put on another road.  Evan Everitt explained the funding was marked for Quinn Road and anything not spent on that project must be returnedEvan Everitt said he just applied for a Dirt/Gravel Road Project for Pops Hobby Road.  The township in-kind contribution totals $24,568.  Project would consist of geotextile, quarry rubble and then top with DSA.

Assessment Permits – none

Driveway Permits – None

Evan Everitt made a motion to pay the bills as submitted, Butch Delousia seconded, all approved.

As no further business was presented, Butch Delousia made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Evan Everitt seconded.  All approved.

Sandra Brink

Supervisors Present:
Evan Everitt
Francis Fruehan
Richard  DeLousia

posted 12/12/2015